Product Development

Creating and Preparing.

Our Product Development Services are available for released concept designs. These include the early involvement of team members of industrialization, manufacturing and purchasing.
Besides having highly skilled people, the structure and alignment of all involved parties is important for success. A strong commitment between customer, partners and WIK on an executive/management and development team level needs to be aligned from the very beginning. In practice, we do this by application of a strong, jointly approved Product Development / Project Management process. This can be led by WIK or our customers.

Product Development Services include

  • Industrial design: incl. haptics, ergonomics, human machine interface
  • Function, quality & design-to-cost engineering (incl. Design FMEA, global sourcing)
  • System development (mechanics, electronics, software)
  • Every step from concept release to final 2D/3D Data and bill of materials
  • Application of cutting edge technologies
  • Thermo dynamic simulations
  • Mold flow analysis
  • FEM calculations
  • In-house prototyping
  • Design verification tests
  • Patent management
  • Product and solution validation
  • Life cycle testing
  • A team used to having industrialization and manufacturing needs in mind right from the beginning of the development phase
  • Engineers who think both: innovation + competitive pricing
  • Considering system and platform requirements (on component and product solution level) in order to meet specifications and cost targets
Design to cost
Thermal analysis
Industrial design kettle
Industrial design toaster
CAD design center
Life time test lab