Realizing and Optimizing.

Zero failure, on-time delivery and continuous cost improvement are the main targets of our Manufacturing Service Division. Based on the production concept, our manufacturing team and industrialization experts create the optimal production process, test it and ramp-up production. A customer-dedicated Business Unit (Program/Project Manager + Quality Manager) and Account Management form this team from the beginning of the industrialization phase and are fully responsible for production operations once the production has started.

The supplier selection and classification process, quality assurance and execution in addition to a well-aligned operation team are indispensable to assure project and process excellence.  

  • Expertise in mass production
  • Dedicated and customer aligned team members
  • Compliance with high quality standards

Manufacturing Services include

  • Molding, surface treatments, tampo printing, hot stamping, die-casting, heater production, assembly
  • In-line testing
  • Local project engineering / program management
  • Logistics Center and support
  • Approval & Test Lab (ATL)
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Design teams integrated in the production process
  • Complete IT integration
  • Materials management (Supply Chain Management)
  • Continuous improvement and zero-failure philosophy
  • Preventive and corrective action management during production
  • Frequent internal and external audits
  • Root cause analysis and 8D report management
  • After-sales analysis and approval change request monitoring
  • Link into the product management and product life cycle process
  • Environmental management (energy and emissions reduction program, green factory approach)
Assembly line
Molding area

Tool maker
Fully automated soldering
Tube bending
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14001 certificate Batam
9001 certificate Shenzhen
14001 certificate Shenzhen