Organizing and Resolving.

Industrialization has a strong impact on investment and future quality costs.
Customers making use of this service would combine it with WIK’s manufacturing expertise as a logical next step. WIK creates a comprehensive plan to support a cost effective investment decision based on its long-year manufacturing experience and competitive cost structure.

Industrialization Services include

  • Footprint analysis and selection
  • Production design concept, CAPEX calculation/verification
  • Implementation of latest production technologies
  • Set-up of production lines, jigs and fixtures aiming for continuous improvement of efficiency and avoidance of waste
  • In-house tool/mold design and toolmaking
  • Process flow analysis and process FMEA
  • Pre test and assembly training
  • Design of quality assurance control plans and work instructions
  • In-house certificatin handling such as: UL, IEC, EMC, CSA, CCC, EAC, JET
  • Close teamwork between design, development and procurement
  • International production locations ensure an effective risk management and cost competitiveness
  • On-site experts for optimal control of all processes
  • Lean management ensuring high quality level at a competitive cost from the very beginning
Ramp up fully automated line
Inline quality control
Soldering station
Tool making
Thermal inspection